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The Retrospekt is a website designed to discuss anything Pop-Culture. Apart from being the seventeenth saved and unread tab on your browser that has probably been on for a few weeks now, The Retrospekt endeavors to discuss icons and ideas that have urged our generation to come to terms with its sense of self in a world that swims in an influx of information. Much like its name, the platform is a digital catalog of musings, both facile and (quite possibly pretentiously) profound, allowing contributors and readers of diverse backgrounds and interests to join the conversation and make their own kind of noise. Whether it's about how we've allowed a film to brainwash us somehow,  how a fresh set of players have influenced an entire season, or how a movie soundtrack of the past just did not make sense, we're all about looking back with a little bit of humor. We're diving under a slacktivist wave by trying to understand fads and trends with our own personal twist. Or, we could also be here to convince ourselves that this infamous generation could be a lot more than it lets on. There's gotta be some kind of hope.






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