The Best Marvel Games to Cure Your Post-Endgame Depression



The Best Marvel Games to Cure Your Post-Endgame Depression

With Avengers: Endgame wrapping up “The Infinity Saga,” Marvel fans are in a state of denial that the heroes we grew up watching will no longer be with us. But after the recent Square Enix announcement of Marvel’s Avengers at this year’s E3, Marvel fans can rejoice that they’ll see their favorite OG Avengers team up once again in an all-new story. Unfortunately, it’ll be awhile before people get their hands on it, as the game is slated for release on May 15, 2020. Besides Spider-Man: Far From Home, there are no other highly-anticipated Marvel movies to hit the big screen within the year. This leaves Marvel fans in a bit of a lull state. However, an end of an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t mean the end of entertainment for Marvel fanboys. Check out the best Marvel games to satisfy your Marvel cravings today!

By Coby Santos | June 13, 2019

Marvel Studios

Console and PC Games

The “traditional” gaming platforms are consoles and PC’s. They have been the dominant platforms used to enjoy Marvel video games for the past 2 decades. So it’s no surprise that many Marvel games have found their way onto this generation of consoles and PC’s. While we await the hyped release of the PS5, take a look at the best Marvel console and PC games!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (2019)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (UA3) is the next game in this co-op based beat ‘em up franchise, with the last ultimate alliance title being released a decade ago. Fans of the series have been waiting a long time for another game, and although not released yet, the hype for UA3 is swelling. There has been a departure from local co-op games in recent years, and UA3 looks to bring back that specific gaming experience that many kids had back in ‘09. It only makes sense that this multiplayer game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, a console known for its local multiplayer games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an absolutely spectacular game. Glowing reviews from critics and players alike, the singleplayer superhero title became one of the PS4’s best-selling games of 2018. It features an open world map, recreating a realistic Manhattan for you to explore. The combat is fluid and expressible. You are able to control Spider-Man to attack, dodge, and use his webs in various manners to produce creative combos. The gadget system also allows you to completely customize how you play and tackle missions. From mini drones that help clear enemies to gadgets that reduce bullet damage taken, there is a lot to mess around with. The environments are interactive, allowing players to take advantage of items on the street like bins to take out opponents. There is also a large variety of Spidey suits that each have unique abilities. As for the story, it tells of a Peter Parker in his 20’s, struggling to balance his life as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and as a scientist working under Doctor Octavius and all the mayhem that ensues. This is a must play game for Spider-Man fans and anyone who wants to have a good time!

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017)

The sixth installment of this long-running fighting game series, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a frenetic, combo-filled fighting experience, similar to the previous MvC titles. Unlike previous installments, players are only allowed to bring two characters into battle, instead of three. There are 19 playable Marvel characters in this game, whom you can mix and match onto your team with 17 Capcom characters. There is a unique mechanic in this game with the Infinity Stones. Each stone gives stat boosts and unique abilities depending on which infinity stone is selected. There is a decent story mode for those who aren’t super confident to join online matches. Give it a look if you are interested in Marvel-based fighting games! (or look towards Marvel vs. Capcom 3 if you want!)

Mobile Games

As much as people associate video games with consoles and PC’s, the smartphone has become an incredibly popular platform for playing games. According to Newzoo, mobile games owned 51% of the gaming market share in 2018. Check out some of the biggest Marvel games for mobile devices!

Marvel: Contest of Champions (2014)


This is currently the longest-running Marvel game on mobile apps, which was introduced to the public in 2014. Marvel: Contest of Champions (MCOC) is still one of the most popular phone games on the market despite being four years old. MCOC is a fighting game with simple controls: three types of attacks, a block, and a dash back mechanic. It is very easy to get the basics of the game, but as you progress through the campaign, there are more techniques you will have to learn to trudge forward. There are monthly events that tie into large Marvel movie releases. Recently, MCOC has also been tweaking their game to cater to beginners more by improving rewards for players at lower levels. This strategy makes it more enticing for individuals to pick up the game. This game is very grind heavy, and gameplay can get repetitive in the early to mid-game stages. In addition, there’s a loot box mechanic in the game, in which players must open crystals to have a chance to get a high tier champion, similar to games like FIFA. There are other ways to acquire champions such as grinding in the arenas, but unless you enjoy the grind, it does get tedious. MCOC’s current roster of playable heroes is massive, boasting over 100 different champs from Marvel’s intellectual property. It is an addictive game, but the game very much encourages pay to win strategies. Fortunately, the game is very much playable without spending a cent (Check out free to play player Brian Grant). Marvel: Contest of Champions is worth a look if you are into mobile fighters!

Marvel: Future Fight (2015)

Released in 2015, Marvel: Future Fight is an action adventure mobile game where you take full control of your characters. You use Marvel characters to go through different map levels and defeat enemies. You have free movement of your characters along with basic attacks and special abilities. Like MCOC, Future Fight boasts a huge roster of playable characters with over 150 from all different Marvel properties. They also have event quests and boss raids in which every player can help to take down. Consistent to the norm of mobile games, there are pay to win options in this game as well, but you can unlock a good amount of heroes just from playing the game. Check out gocalibergaming’s gameplay above if you want to find out more!

Marvel Strike Force (2018)


A relative newcomer to the Marvel mobile scene, Marvel Strike Force was released in 2018. This game has recently seen a big boost in popularity due to their ad campaigns and the recent release of Avengers: Endgame sparking interest. Gameplay is very similar to other games like Summoner’s War and Final Fantasy with turn-based combat. Each hero you bring in has a role with different abilities. Since it’s the new kid on the block, there aren’t as many playable and unlockable characters as other Marvel mobile games. And as per the course for mobile games, there are (shockingly) pay to win options in this game, too. To unlock more characters, you have to open their version of loot boxes. However, you can also acquire heroes through the story and other events, similar to Marvel: Future Fight. Marvel Strike Force is a familiar game style with a Marvel coat of paint on it, which in my opinion is very appealing.

There’s a whole lot of content for Marvel fans to be excited about in the distant future. From the Marvel’s Avengers game to the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the Disney+ Marvel television shows to the speculated “Marvel Gaming Universe.” In the meantime, these Marvel games will definitely keep you entertained.