The Most Beautiful Shots from Game of Thrones Page 2


A romantic sunrise at the top of The Wall | HBO


Not a dull wedding, by Dothraki standards | HBO


Pork sausage, a traditional Westerosi breakfast courtesy of Reek | HBO


A priestess practicing a religious act | HBO


“Mhysa!!!” | HBO


The infamous King’s Landing welcome party | HBO


Another Westerosi delicacy | HBO


An extremely heart-breaking and tragic death | HBO


A boy trying to court an uninterested girl | HBO


Charged with regicide, the son of the judge pleads his case | HBO


Surprisingly not the most disgusting act that goes on at Craster’s Keep | HBO


8 am council meetings can be quite a drag | HBO


Boyfriend dumps girlfriend for her niece | HBO


A girl laughing at the death of her aunt | HBO


Six brave watchers on the wall sacrifice their lives | HBO


A brother of the Night’s Watch mourns the death of a wilding | HBO


Son debunks theory that his father “shits gold” | HBO


The Sons of the Harpy | HBO


A cripple dreams of learning to fly like a raven | HBO


The Free City of Braavos | HBO


Targaryen aids Targaryen | HBO


Don’t cry because you’re a bastard. Smile because you’re the commander of bastards. | HBO


The aftermath of Barristan the Bold’s noble last stand | HBO


A man sailing deep into the friendzone | HBO


A princess teaching people how to read | HBO


A priest doing his dirty work | HBO