The Most Beautiful Shots from Game of Thrones



The Most Beautiful Shots from Game of Thrones

The long-running series of Game of Thrones has arguably the most disappointing ending in television history (it’s your lucky day How I Met Your Mother). It wasn’t mediocre by any stretch of the imagination. However, considering the hype and undeniable quality of previous seasons, the finale did not come close to meeting expectations. But hopefully, what we have created will remind you why it’s still the greatest television show ever. After 8 emotional seasons, we’ve compiled the best photos to help you reminisce the horrifying moments, the hyped sequences, and even the hilarious scenes. Join us as we finally bid farewell to Westeros, but as with the show, be prepared for anything.

By Team Retrospekt | June 4, 2019

The Warden of the North executing a deserter from the Night’s Watch | HBO


“The Mother’s love outshines it all” | HBO


One curious kid seeing something he definitely shouldn’t have | HBO


Two renowned warriors ready to settle their differences | HBO


The crowd cheers on during the Tourney of the Hand | HBO


A father lecturing his son while skinning a deer | HBO


A rowdy King’s Landing crowd bashing a traitor | HBO


The Khaleesi with her newborn dragons | HBO


Two brothers reuniting | HBO


A young, naive couple enjoying their ride | HBO


The Hand of the King and the Commander of the Gold Cloaks preparing for a siege | HBO


The Night’s Watch north of The Wall | HBO


Worlds apart | HBO


A man playing a game with a girl | HBO


Wildlings capture a ranger of the Night’s Watch | HBO


The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard defending his city | HBO


The Lannister army looking sharp for battle | HBO


Wildfire explodes at the Battle of the Blackwater | HBO


Visions at the House of the Undying | HBO


Well, hello there | HBO


Two beautiful high-born ladies taking a stroll at the Sept of Baelor | HBO


A queen showing-off her new army | HBO


The Kingslayer upset during his bath time | HBO


A very intense game of hide and seek | HBO


Newly-wed lovebirds trying out their brand new crossbow | HBO


A group of Yunkai slaves. Unlike Westeros, Essos has yet to abolish slavery | HBO


Don’t look down! | HBO