The Ultimate Preppy (Conyo) Fashion Guide



The Ultimate Preppy (Conyo) Fashion Guide

We've covered the musts for the 90's Hypebeast street style fashion. If that doesn't fit your style then the 80's preppy or, "Conyo", style should! Here are a couple of fashion tips to help enhance your classy attire from head to toe.

By Team Retrospekt | January 21, 2017



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A simple cap will probably be the icing on the cake for your ultimate preppy attire. I suggest New Era caps as a sporty and cheap alternative. If you have cash to spare, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Lacoste are some examples of caps you may want to check out. However, I urge people to only wear caps when NEEDED, don't make a fool of yourself and wear them during night time or indoors!


1. Clubmasters should be your go-to when you’re chilling in the beach over the weekend. Get yourself a pair of Ray-Bans and rock that beach club swag. I mean, look at how David Beckham owns the shades. That could be you one day.

2. John Lennon or Harry Potter circular lenses are my favorite picks. Circular is the new cool and anyone who needs a new pair of glasses. Whether, you’re an aspiring wizard or a Beatles die hard, I urge you to try these out.




1. Ralph Lauren has always been the cornerstone for the preppy style. From the famous collared shirts to more simple pocket t-shirts, anyone wearing the trademark “Horse King” will always have that school boy appeal. Pricing may be an issue, but the quality of this clothing won’t disappoint.

2. Tommy Hilfiger is another vintage preppy brand. Similar to Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger specializes on polo shirts and button downs. 

3. The Fred Perry shirt is another famous preppy icon. This well-known collared shirt comes in many color designs. Get yourself a couple to fill your well-groomed wardrobe.


1. Colorful Shorts. Basically anything that looks like you’re about to go swimming in the beach. Get yourself some of these vibrant shorts (no extra pockets please) in any kind of clothing store (Uniqlo, H&M, etc.) . More extreme measures, would include wearing these shorts, well, short. Very short. But it’s your personal choice in the end.

2. Light Jeans like khaki or light blue are some really classy picks. This gives off a look of both professionalism and class. They can be used for any smart-casual to semi-formal event. Plus, they aren't too pricey! 



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1. Sperrys are probably still the most iconic preppy shoes in existence. You can never go wrong with buying yourself a pair and the best thing is that they are very flexible. From a draggy school day to a formal event, Sperry’s will do!

2. Onitsuka Tigers are also ideal if you aren’t a Sperry type of person. Onitsuka’s are definitely more casual and I personally find them more comfy. They can be slightly pricey but totally worth it.

3.  J.Crew or Gucci are more formal like but high-ended loafer choices. These are very expensive but are the most fancy footwear out there.