The 7 Best 90's Styled Clothing That You Should Be Wearing



The 7 Best 90’s Styled Clothing That You Should Be Wearing

2016 fashion was full of callbacks to decades past, and a multitude of trend revivals. These 7 pieces are the perfect additions to your casual 90’s closet.

By Team Retrospekt | December 23, 2016

  1. Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger was at the forefront of 90’s fashion and culture. Street style icons like Aaliyah showed off their denim and underwear pieces, making bold fashion statements while keeping on trend. Tommy Hilfiger had universal appeal, and is still one of the best brands to represent the encompassing qualities of streetwear in the 90’s. Find a logo t-shirt as a tribute to the Tommy Hilfiger days of the past.

2. Thrasher

In more recent times, Thrasher magazine has been up in arms about the appropriation of skater culture, as celebrities and hypebeasts around the world are wearing Thrasher merch tees as a fashion statement. In the 90’s, just around when Thrasher started naming Skaters of the Year, Thrasher magazine became the equivalent of a holy book for skaters. The last peak of skate culture was arguably the 90’s. Bring that lifestyle back with Thrasher hoodies or t-shirts!


3. Starter Jackets

suns starter jacket.jpeg

Starter is an iconic brand of the 90’s. They were innovators of streetwear, and symbols of culture and fashion in sports. Starter jackets featured originally basketball team designs, but eventually spread to other sports. These satin jackets were the coolest thing you could have as an athlete or a fan. Get a vintage starter jacket and bring back the 90’s jock vibes.

4. Flannel Shirts

Any fan of Nirvana would recognize the iconic image of Kurt Cobain in a flannel shirt. The 1990’s revival of flannel happened among bands and their fans, and the fashion statement turned into a trend of culture and music. The casual, could-care-less image of a rocker in flannel and in need of a haircut is very symbolic for much of 90’s culture. To bring back the grungy feel of 90’s rock and roll, buy a red or grey flannel shirt. 


5. Mom Jeans

Warner Bros. Studios

Warner Bros. Studios

The 90’s was the era of oversizing everything, from shirts to jackets to jeans. For women, mom jeans represented carefree and comfortable style. The high-waisted, oversized denim jeans were a staple of 90’s culture carried over from the previous decade. Suddenly, it was cool to dress like your parents. Even the cast Friends did it. Vintage mom jeans are perfect for that 90’s aesthetic.

6. Air Jordan 11s


Michael Jordan’s popularized namesake of a sneaker was an emblem of the intensity of basketball culture throughout the late 20th century. Labeled by Complex as the greatest sneaker of the 90’s, the 11’s are the most hyped and most sought-after Jordans. The patent leather finish and the postmodern curvy silhouette are a signature of the Jordan brand.

7. Adidas Tracksuits



Athleisure was the look of the 90’s. Tracksuits were a comfortable, wearable way to show off sporty, coordinated style. Streetwear brands like Kappa, Champion and Adidas made the running outfits in bright block colors, appealing to shoppers of all ages. Tracksuits could be worn casually or formally, and they were statements of individuality, with velour or velvet tracksuits coming into fashion done by brands like Juicy Couture. What started as an Adidas trend turned into a decade-long tribute to matching joggers and jackets. Find a printed or plain tracksuit to bring back that element of 90’s style today.