Our Rogue One Emoji Reactions Review


For your sake, we hope you don’t scroll past here if you haven’t watched Rogue One. Remember, rebellions are built on hope.

Opening Crawl (Or lack thereof)

Vince: Feeling - 😴  Bored. We start off Rogue One with a scene from the past, that being a backstory from the main character Jyn Erso. I was kind of disappointed that Disney removed the classic Opening Crawl, the beginning didn't give much of the “Star Wars feel” that normally hypes me up. The movie seemed to jump around different scenes too quickly, needless to say the it became quite draggy which is unusual for a Star Wars film (except the Phantom Menace).

Elise: Feeling - 😮  Surprised. I watched Rogue One with my parents- avid Star Wars fans who were incredibly disappointed at the lack of bright yellow letters flying towards space. Of course, one look at the squadron of stormtroopers made you forget the lack of opening crawl but its absence was definitely noticed.


Jedha Skirmish

Javier: Feeling - 😎  Impressed. After what I thought was a slow start, Rogue One picks up with rebel Cassian Andor partnering up with outlaw Jyn Erso on a mission to rescue pilot Bodhi Rook from Saw Gerrera’s extremists in Jedha. We are introduced to the newest members of the team in blind badass warrior monk Chirrut Imwe and artillerist Baze Malbus as their friendship is one of my favorite aspects of the film. Jyn learns the truth about her father through a hologram message that turns out to be one of the saddest scenes in the film. Jedha’s existence is short lived as it’s blown up by the Death-Star and fans were loving it.

Battle at The Beach

Vince: Feeling - 😃  Amazed. Loved the beach choice, reminded me of the Philippine beaches that I normally visit. The special effects were bomb and the action scenes were done flawlessly. The full sequence had a bit of everything from exciting starfighting in space to gritty gunfights on the surface. We see a lot of classic Star Wars vehicles like the AT-AT, X-Wing, Star Destroyer and the ugly Mon Calamari Rebel ship. I also loved how they executed this inspiring battle without the single appearance of a lightsaber.

Elise: Feeling - 😝  Excited. When the first explosions at the beach went off I immediately thought of the Battle of Endor. Seeing the Rebel fighters running through the jungle as the AT-AT walkers appeared was nothing short of insane. It was also surprising to see that the the Empire had the upper hand - this definitely isn't the kiddie movie where the good guys demolish the bad guys. This was a true heist movie, very realistic and grown-up, keeping all the viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to know the fate of the characters.

Character Deaths

Vince: Feeling - 😕  Uncertain. I believe the new Rogue one team deserve the title of Suicide Squad (not that lame DC film), as every single one of them sacrifice their lives to get the plans. I really loved the idea of this suicide-type of mission; it gives fans a twist instead of the typical Star Wars everybody-gets-out-fine type of ending. However, it felt as if most of the deaths were forced and lacked significance. This could be due to the lack of characterization and development most of the members received throughout the movie. Nevertheless, seeing Jyn and Kassian die on the beach together was enough for a small tear to drop.

Elise: Feeling - 😢  Sad. I agree with Vince; some of the deaths were unnecessary and anticlimactic, but some also stood out to me. Saw Gerrera’s death was the first that made go, “Damn, I wish I could die like that.” As he detached his respirator and embraced the landslide with open arms, I watched in awe as he didn’t run away from the Death Star’s destruction of Jedha. Chirrut Imwe’s death also gave me a multitude of feels (I’M ONE WITH THE FORCE THE FORCE IS WITH ME) and a newfound faith in the force, and as Baze Malbus died quickly after him, I nearly shed a tear. Captain Andor and Jyn’s sunset-tsunami-hug-”we saved the world”-death really topped it off though.

All Hail Lord Vader

Javier: Feeling- 😏  Nerdgasmic. This is by far the most heartfelt and ecstatic scene throughout the entire film. Fans were howling as we got to witness Darth Vader back in action after 33 years of separation anxiety. Aside from force pushes and force chokes, fans received the lightsaber action we so desperately longed for. We were fortunate enough to experience what will become one of the most iconic action sequences in cinematic history.

Princess Leia?!

Vince: Feeling - 😱  Shocked .  I thought it couldn’t get any better after the legendary Darth Vader scene. I was wrong. A young-looking Princess Leia receiving the plans that started this epic franchise? THAT is how you use CGI Star Wars. Well done.

Elise: feeling - 😍  In Love. When I saw her famous white robes I honestly didn't think Leia's face would be shown. Looking back, I think I died a little. The use of CGI and the perfect timing and delivery of the "hope" line turned me into a literal heart-eyed emoji. We know the movie used computer generated imagery to bring back the late Peter Cushing as Tarkin who commanded the Death Star in A New Hope, but seeing Leia as she was 40 years ago was truly the best ending I could've hoped for. Pretty sure half the cinema squealed along with me.

Overall Ratings

Vince: B+, Coming into the cinema, I really did not have half the expectations I had for Force Awakens. Despite the draggy start and somewhat poor character development, it still was a fantastical Star Wars Journey. I mean, the Darth Vader scene alone was enough for me to have a nerdgasm.

Javier: A-, I had quite high expectations entering Rogue One and after finishing the first act, I was quite disappointed. The film redeemed itself during the final battle, Jyn and Cassian’s death from what looked like an explosive sunrise. I absolutely loved how it perfectly transitions into A New Hope and how it fixed Death Star related plot holes.  Rogue One was breathtaking and paves the way for all the phenomenal Star Wars spinoffs to come. Rogue One is truly a Star Wars story worth telling.

Elise: A, Although The Force Awakens was definitely a more cinematic movie, it was very safe. Rogue One gave us a new direction and a grittier perspective, it should definitely satiate the appetites of nerds everywhere for an authentic trip back to the most well-loved era of the Star Wars universe. From the time Jyn left the Alliance meeting room to the very end of the movie when a reconstructed Princess Leia nearly led the audience to die of happiness, the movie was absolutely perfect. The excitement I experienced in the last 20 minutes of Rogue One was almost enough to make me forget the lackluster start to the movie, and I came out of that cinema feeling nothing but hope.