Why The X-Men Have Always Been Marvel's Superior Team

As you may know, the X-Men have been by far my favorite superhero team. There is just something about mutants that intrigues me as a fan. From most of their movies (keyword: most) and all their famous comics, each and every character somehow became a part of me. Here are the many reasons why I believe that this mutant squad is Marvel's superior team.

  • They're Relatable Yet Different

The X-Men are not only superheroes but also students. After heroically saving the world, the younger members probably still have homework to finish (wheres your excuse now?). So yeah, you do not know how many times I've wished to apply to Xavier's School. At the same time, they aren't humans, they are mutants. Each mutant is given a special gift, some even look completely different from humans. But in the end, we still love them because all they want is be accepted by society.


  • They Fight For a Bigger Cause

This is what separates the X-Men from typical superhero teams like the Avengers or the Justice League. The X-Men fight for a world that hates their kind. All Mutants are basically discriminated and labeled as "the enemy" because of how humans fear their gifts. Yet the X-Men still believe in a future where two races can coexist. This touches on a deeper issue rather than the traditional good vs. evil genre. The X-Men introduces a type of conflict in which fighting for something because much more important.


  • They Have The Best Stories

Yeah, I said it, The X-books are probably the best when it comes to the comics. I think there's just something that brings them to the next level. I'm a fan of the epic battles and the great plot telling that most good comics have. But the X-Men goes into that zone where it feels as if emotionally, I am affected. I guess it sort of gives me that feeling of "whats the point of my life now?" I usually get after experiencing an awe-inspiring movie or book. Dark Phoenix Saga, Astonish X-Men, New Mutants, New X-Men and Days Of Future Past are some examples of my favorite ones.


  • They're Made Of Diverse Characters 

I really commend the writers of the X-Men stories for creating such a diverse roster. Take a look at the German Nightcrawler or the Russian Colossus! Not only do most members come from places other than the USA, but many X-Men usually end up in other teams like the Beast or Wolverine in The Avengers. In addition to that, great X-writers like Chris Claremont and Josh Whedon are excellent in managing the different personalities of the team. From the ever so serious and respected leader Cyclops to the wild Wolverine, every single character is polished in their own way


  • They Have the Coolest School

Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters is by far the best school I've ever seen. It trumps other fictional schools like Hogwarts, Camp Half Blood or Miss Peregrine's. Why? Well what other school has a jet hanger under the basketball court and a danger room for students to combat? Plus, the mansion does look beautiful (when it's not destroyed), add a bunch of mutant students then you've got yourself a pretty bomb school.


  • These Two Dudes...

The friendship of Magneto and Professor X is probably one of the best crafted relationships I've ever witnessed (No homo). Two best friends who've worked together for the benefit of mutant kind. However, while Professor X believed in a mutant-human utopia, Magneto became more of a mutant fascist and saw humans as the enemy. With contrasting ideologies, the two became great enemies yet they still cherished their old friendship. I love how the movies portrayed these two characters. Fassbender, McKellen, Stewart and McCavoy are fantastic actors and capture these two legendary characters perfectly.


  • They're Flexible

The X-Men are actually composed of a couple of sub-teams. Each team has it's specialties and personalities. The X-Force, composed of members like Wolverine and Deadpool are built for more deadly covert missions. While The New Mutants are the team for younger teenage mutants and are more focused on developing their powers rather than having missions.  Tired of seeing the X-Men fight aliens? Then maybe mutant teenagers throwing a party while their teachers are gone is more like it. Or you could enjoy an assassination attempt on a dangerous mutant. It's up to you really.


  • They're Pretty Bad-Ass

There are just some super-heroes with awesome powers that separate them from the rest. The X-Men have invented a lot of bad-ass and creative powers. Wolverine's claws, Cyclops' laser eyes, Psylocke's telekinetic blade, Gambit's kinetic energy, Rogue's power absorption and Magneto's manipulation of metal are a few examples powers that I found really cool. Furthermore, majority of the X-Men own some pretty sick costumes too. These guys really know how to pack a punch and even look pretty dope in doing so.