Video Games That Defined My Childhood

As a child, nothing beat the feeling of waking up on a Saturday morning to my most precious possession, my PlayStation 2. I would play for around 5 hours, pissing off my mom to the point that she would unplug the system. From playing with my cousin's PSP (which we probably abused with Grand Theft Auto cheat codes), buying fake games, and even praying to God the start up of my PS2 wouldn't glitch, there were a lot of good memories. No offense to the modern day games, but you really can't beat the classics. Check this out and see if you played any of these iconic vintage games!

Lego Star Wars

This game is a definition of an instant classic. This is the first game I could say I was HONESTLY addicted to. It's the best Star Wars game hands down (sorry Battlefront). I remember my brother and I working all day to unlock every single character until we realized that cheat codes existed. The game had a bit of everything; it was action-packed with challenging puzzles and a humorous side. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

If Lego Star Wars is the best Star Wars game, Ultimate Alliance is by far the best Marvel game. With an amazing plot line, a wide variety of characters and overall great gameplay, Marvel Ultimate Alliance became one of my personal favorites. The game brought beloved Marvel heroes (I basically spammed Deadpool and Spider-Man) to every corner of the Marvel Universe, from Asgard, Mephisto's Realm to the Shi'ar.



Aside from the numerous hilarious dialogues between characters, Insomniac has created an iconic duo that will always be remembered in video game history. Ratchet & Clank revolves around the relationship between the two protagonists as they take on their diabolical menace, Dr. Nefarious. It allows players to interact with countless weapons that each contain their own unique ability. Apart from its single player game, its multiplayer game is what kept my friends and I awake all night. I remember the days where we would attach our multi tap into our PS2, and indulge ourselves in an intense head-to-head multiplayer battle.


Kingdom Hearts is clearly one of the best games that ever came out for the PS2. It was a collaboration between developers Square Enix and Disney. The game also gave us one of the most iconic weapons in video games history: the keyblade. The Kingdom Hearts series offered a fun open-world game that allows players to venture through multiple worlds, as well as to interact with famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and many more. Its iconic set of fun characters from Disney and the Final Fantasy series is what makes the game so special to gamers of all ages. 


Arguably the most popular fighting game of our generation, Tekken offered a fun and easy game that appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers. Unlike Street Fighter, Tekken was the game that I would line up for hours to have to chance to play at Power Station (my neighborhood arcade). People would constantly challenge each other to rightfully earn the seat and continue their win streaks. The game offered everything you could've wanted in a fighting game. From its diverse and unique set of characters, to its fluid and beautiful gameplay, Tekken was the epitome of the great qualities of the fighting genre.


As a child it was normal to be addicted to the WWE, even if it was so clearly fake with its occasional terrible acting by its wrestlers. The high flying and realistic moves kept kids like me up all night learning how to mimic everything we watched. Once THQ announced a game was to be released, it was everything fans like me ever wanted. The game successfully mimicked the show’s violent and electrifying moves shown onstage. It also offered all the events that were shown on TV, such as Royal Rumble, Hell in the Cell, and Money in The Bank. Smackdown vs Raw was the complete package, and had everything a WWE fan ever wanted in a video game.