How to Master Procrastination

All my life the number 1 advice in school that I've gotten has been "Don't Procrastinate". However, sometimes it feels as if my body has already adopted procrastination as a habit. I mean, I tell myself everyday not to cram. Then before you know it, I'm starting my 1000 word essay assignment given a month ago the night before the due date. Yet somehow, not to brag or anything, I still get decently good grades. Now I know I'm not the only one in this situation (calling all slackers), so I decided to make a sort of Do's and Don'ts guide on how to procrastinate efficiently (ironic). Now, don't take this as an excuse to always cram because NOT procrastinating is always the best solution. But there are times when either we are too busy or just too damn lazy, and we all know where that leads to. 

DO: Know which assignments you can turn in late

It is essential that you know the weight of each of your assignments or tests. So when you find yourself loaded with projects, you can always prioritize what's most important. This can be done by not doing some of the less important assignments right away. Make sure however, that the consequences of them submitting late aren't serious.

DON'T: Try to rush all assignments

I once attempted to rush 7 different assignments all in one day. Never again. What happened? Well, let's just say that my grades decided to take a quick parachute drop.

DO: Ask for help

As long as it isn't cheating (academic dishonestly will suck), asking for help will speed up your procrastination adventure. Ask anyone! Your friends, your teacher, your parents, your ex, your coach, heck, I even asked my maid to help me with my foreign language homework. 

DON'T: Overwork


Unless it's a major test or project that you completely forgot about (you seriously have problems), know your limits and when to put up the white flag. Overworking can be unhealthy and cause even more problems during following days.

DO: Use different study methods

When it comes to studying, it is scientifically proven that by using different studying methods will help tremendously. Instead of just reading off your notes; try flashcards, watching videos, or my personal favorite, singing!

DON'T: Open Youtube

Youtube is like the black hole for all procrastinators. Once you click one video, you KNOW you're not coming out alive.

DO: Find a procrastinating buddy

"I haven't started either" is probably the most comforting words in my highschool life time. Finding a friend who's in the same boat as you really helps both of actually get stuff done. And hey, if you both mess up at least you've got each other.

DON'T: Panic

Whenever I'm faced with never-ending heap of work, I try my best to tap into my Jedi meditation skills and just relax. Panicking leads to stress, stress leads to sadness, sadness leads to crying, crying leads to failure. 

DO: Make use of every little second


Us younger generation kids have been blessed with a special talent called multi-tasking. DO NOT waste this talent. Try to squeeze some work/studying while eating, showering, in the car or maybe even in another class (just don't get caught). 

DON'T: Fall Asleep

Ever wanted to just rest your eyes for a minute then end up in a 20 year coma? Most procrastinators have probably experienced the pain of missing out on much needed sleep. However, we can combat this by either drinking coffee, listening to music or in worse scenarios, taping your eyes open.


Teachers have hearts too, well, most of them (pretty sure my biology teacher doesn't one). You can never go wrong with asking for a short extension and maybe even add a few excuses, I mean, whats there to lose? This works even better when you can gather a group of classmates to help support your plea.



Now stop reading this post and start writing your 3000 word essay due in 20 minutes or begin studying for whatever exam tomorrow. Don't forget to apply these tips to start seeing the envy of your classmates at your effortless success in school!