5 Books That Should Be Adapted Into Movies

1. The Graveyard Book  by Neil Gaiman

Dark, gloomy, and with just the right amount of humor, The Graveyard Book is easily a favorite for the ages and a movie waiting to happen. The illustrations in the book give us a preview of just how enjoyable it would be to see the book translated on the big screen- from the Owens family in the graveyard to the man Jack’s fateful end.


Possible Director: Tim Burton


2. Graceling  by Kristin Cashore

With the recent trend of fantasy novels getting adapted into movies, a part of me is surprised that Graceling hasn’t been given the same sort of attention. It’s got a bit of everything- romance, adventure, magic, as well as a kick-butt female protagonist whose life isn’t constantly defined by her romantic interests…


Possible Director: Peter Jackson


3. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

There’s a reason as to why people still read novels published in the 1920’s and (unless they’re forced to read them) that’s because they are good. Siddhartha is no exception. It follows an almost mythological journey of a man looking to find himself, and though it’s at a slightly slower pace, it would be a crime to not make this epic into a film.


Possible Director: Ang Lee



4. Elsewhere  by Gabrielle Zevin

Even Though we’ve had numerous Roald Dahl adaptations and countless biopics - for some reason no one has taken on a film adaptation that combines both. What makes Roald Dahl’s autobiography Boy so refreshing, is that it incorporates all the whimsical charm of his beloved books, in the realism of a coming of age story. Get to it, hollywood.


Possible Director: Wes Anderson




5. Elsewhere  by Gabrielle Zevin

Go to see any indie film containing life-changing road trips, manic pixie dream girls and quotes along the lines “Life’s too short, live now!” , it’s become apparent that death marks the end of every story. “Elsewhere” however, begins with a death and continues in the afterlife where everyone ages backwards.Not just the originality of this novel- but also Zevin’s lush, dreamy landscapes and charming characters would definitely do well in an indie staple.


Possible Director: Michel Gondry