Are the Warriors Overhyped?

Let me start by saying the Warriors are probably the best team ever assembled on paper. Key word here: On paper. No matter how good any kind of team is, they still have a weakness, or say, a kryptonite that can be exploited. The early 2000 Lakers had chemistry issues, the '12 Heat lacked presence in the paint, and even the '92 dream team relied too much on MJ.  Now I'm not saying that the Warriors won't be amazing this year because they probably will. I'm saying that we shouldn't lock them in as champions just yet. Here are four reasons to believe that Golden State aren't quite invincible.


Strength in Numbers was the battle cry for the Warriors for these past few years. I personally really liked the saying. It united the entire Oracle together,  creating a frenzy of roars to rally their team. However, it seems like the line isn't as applicable to their new looking squad. One of the advantages of the Warriors last year was their deep bench. Role players stepping up when needed, every man with a specific role, strength in numbers. With the loss of Barnes, Bogut, Ezeli, and Barbosa, the supporting cast doesn't pack as much of a punch. The addition of Durant was great but at what cost? 


I think that this years finals taught us to never count anyone out. The Warriors still have a huge obstacle in reaching their goal, LeBron James. I really can't believe I am saying this. As a Celtic fan, I was pretty much an avid LeBron hater. I booed him, called him names, you name it. However, after seeing what this guy did in the finals, he has really gained my resepect. Now, I know that he is getting older. LeBron is no longer the Superman of this league and has become more of a Batman. But then again, there are stories where Batman defeats Superman and LeBron is targeting that repeat. Don't count out LeBron and the Cavs just yet guys. The King still reigns.


The Spurs are probably are the biggest threat to the Warriors in the western conference (sorry Clippers fans).  Say goodbye to the Duncan era and embrace Kawhi. Pau Gasol still has a few more years under his belt, his natural passing ability will work well in Popovich's system. With the right teamwork and great defense, the Spurs may stand a chance against the Dubs. I'd still pick the Warriors however, if it boiled down to a 7 game series. But one advice from watching the NBA, never underestimate San Antonio.


Andrew Bogut was probably the most underrated Warrior. His defensive presence was a key to the 72 wins last year. I don't think people realize how much the Warriors are losing by letting go of Bogut. Draymond Green is a great defender, but due to his lack of height, he isn't much of a paint presence type of dude. Their replacement for Bogut is Zaza Pachulia, a decent center but is no where near Bogut's defensive ability. Teams like the Clippers, Celtics and even LeBron James himself will be able to capitalize on this weakness. 

You may think of me as a Golden State hater, but really I'm not. If I were to bet my money on an NBA champion this year, I'd probably still stick with the Warriors. There is only one thing that really pisses me off about the Warriors. It isn't Draymond acting like King Kong on the court or Steph dancing before hitting a 3. The ONE thing that bothers me is their fans. To be more specific,


I'm tired of these guys saying stuff like "82-0" or "The NBA is done", because it's clearly not. The Warriors have weaknesses, therefore they are beatable. But don't take this as an excuse to use them in 2k, that's still unacceptable.