Johari Window Activity

The Johari Window Activity was by far the most interesting and intriguing activity we have done in class so far. It talked about the idea where we have many forms of “selves”, the open, blind, unknown and hidden self. These different selves all contain valuable information/characteristics that make our personality. This was a new concept for me as I consider myself an open book to most and thought that my different forms of selves would only vary slightly. However, I saw distinct differences between how people viewed me vs. how I viewed myself. It is so easily to see everything from our own perspectives that sometimes we fail to see it in another person’s viewpoint. I never really knew fully how people saw me, and while some of observation of my classmates were known to me (eg. I am quite shy), others were new to me (eg. I am approachable). I also realized that when writing my hidden self, I was able to write more than I expected meaning I have a hidden version of myself. However, one weakness I saw in this activity is that people were not always 100% honest in their observations. This is due to the fact there may have been some courtesy to be kind in writing down observations which lead to people repeating many observations. Nevertheless the activity gave me a better understanding of myself in general.