Increasing Positive Affect

At the end of this week, make a blog post entry by answering the following questions:

1. How did your increasing positive affect activity make you feel?

(be open/do good/be social activity depending on which group you belong to)

2. What are your thoughts, feelings, and realizations about this activity?

Increasing positive affect made me feel an overall sense of gratitude, increased confidence and even a bit of happiness. At first I did not expect that this activity would make such an impact on how I feel. However, our activity which was under “doing good” was influential in a way that it affected both those who carried the activity and those who participated in it. The way in which we gave each of our fellow block mates “gifts” actually made me feel great because firstly, seeing the happiness radiate from their faces does indeed make one “feel good” and secondly, setting out and accomplishing a plan of action and succeeding in doing boosted my overall confidence. This is what happens through increasing positive affect as solving problems and pursuing the realistic and attainable goals helped give off a sense of mastery and control. While being kind to one another see to derive a happiness from them.

I thought that this was a great activity to emphasize the benefits of increasing postive affect. Our lesson talks about how being positive has numerous benefits like widening scopes of attention, enhancing personal relationships, cope in adversity, increase job performance and even living longe. We can get these benefits from finding positive meaning in all our actions, one example that we did was by “doing good”. Overall, my realization of this is that we should not be positive for the sake of another person's expense but also for ourselves.