Johari Window Activity

The Johari Window Activity was by far the most interesting and intriguing activity we have done in class so far. It talked about the idea where we have many forms of “selves”, the open, blind, unknown and hidden self. These different selves all contain valuable information/characteristics that make our personality. This was a new concept for me as I consider myself an open book to most and thought that my different forms of selves would only vary slightly. However, I saw distinct differences between how people viewed me vs. how I viewed myself. It is so easily to see everything from our own perspectives that sometimes we fail to see it in another person’s viewpoint. I never really knew fully how people saw me, and while some of observation of my classmates were known to me (eg. I am quite shy), others were new to me (eg. I am approachable). I also realized that when writing my hidden self, I was able to write more than I expected meaning I have a hidden version of myself. However, one weakness I saw in this activity is that people were not always 100% honest in their observations. This is due to the fact there may have been some courtesy to be kind in writing down observations which lead to people repeating many observations. Nevertheless the activity gave me a better understanding of myself in general.

Increasing Positive Affect

At the end of this week, make a blog post entry by answering the following questions:

1. How did your increasing positive affect activity make you feel?

(be open/do good/be social activity depending on which group you belong to)

2. What are your thoughts, feelings, and realizations about this activity?

Increasing positive affect made me feel an overall sense of gratitude, increased confidence and even a bit of happiness. At first I did not expect that this activity would make such an impact on how I feel. However, our activity which was under “doing good” was influential in a way that it affected both those who carried the activity and those who participated in it. The way in which we gave each of our fellow block mates “gifts” actually made me feel great because firstly, seeing the happiness radiate from their faces does indeed make one “feel good” and secondly, setting out and accomplishing a plan of action and succeeding in doing boosted my overall confidence. This is what happens through increasing positive affect as solving problems and pursuing the realistic and attainable goals helped give off a sense of mastery and control. While being kind to one another see to derive a happiness from them.

I thought that this was a great activity to emphasize the benefits of increasing postive affect. Our lesson talks about how being positive has numerous benefits like widening scopes of attention, enhancing personal relationships, cope in adversity, increase job performance and even living longe. We can get these benefits from finding positive meaning in all our actions, one example that we did was by “doing good”. Overall, my realization of this is that we should not be positive for the sake of another person's expense but also for ourselves.

3 Things I am Grateful Today

  1. My support from friends and family. Life is not easy, things become complicated and we go through rough patches. But I am grateful I have people to help me when things get tough.

  2. My school, not everyone is privileged like me to have good education which is why im grateful for studying at a good school.

  3. My health. I am grateful that I do not have any major health issues at hand.

Hybrid Identities


In the self-portrait that I studiously and diligently drew, I represent both my local and global identities. There are 3 flags, 2 of them (China and the USA) represent my global identities and the other (the Philippines) represents my local identity. As you can see from the portrait, the flags show the connections with a certain characteristics/features.

Living in the Philippines all my life has shaped my local identity. My mind is accustomed to Filipino cultures, traditions, mannerisms and lifestyles. I leave the last piece of food on the table and point with my mouth. Another thing is language, I can speak some Tagalog which I think really defines my local identity.

By blood, I am also Chinese and this has an impact on my global identity. My family sometimes mixes Chinese traditions in my Filipino home. We celebrate Chinese New Year every year. I also look Chinese and this plays a major role in what others see in me.

Because of globalization, the spread of Western Culture has affected my global identity. Particularly, American pop culture. Because of social media, I developed a thinking similar to those of my generation. I check my phone very often. This part of me is the most “global”.

Having a hybrid identity is very intriguing. Sometimes we fail to notice who we really are and what constitutes our identity. I believe that this hybrid identity is something we as humans should continue to build on and expand, because we can learn a lot from who we are and who we can become.